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Events Planning for Everyone (Including Dogs)!

By Lance Trebesch May 24, 2010

In early June, the Sydney Opera house intends to hold a concert for dogs, featuring music only canines can hear! It’s a great reminder that audiences come in all shapes, sizes and even species, and you want to make sure that you’re event promotions are playing to the right crowd. The attendees for a community theater group’s debut of a Shakespeare play and those for a rock music festival may be vastly different. If you use the same old collateral for each, you may not reach half of your potential guests.

Let Ticket River help! Our Matching Event Kits come in a wide array of designs. They’ll help you attract the right attention from your target audience and boost the visibility of your events. The hundreds of Posters, Flyers, Invitations and Event Tickets available in our online gallery can provide you with real inspiration. So whether you’re planning an event for humans or for their furry friends, you’ll be well prepared with professionally printed and customisable collateral from Ticket River.